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'GOES (NL) 2018'
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nouvelles - 31/03/2018
GOES (NL) 2018  -  Belgique

chien éleveurs chiens photos par Karl Donvil
GOES, CACIB double show in Zeeland (The Netherlands) 2332 dogs counted this show that took place over two days. It was a double show and that makes the nice entry number a little relative. In fact the Saturday show had 1158 entries, the Sunday show 1174 and that is not what is called a big show, but it is attractive to certain exhibitors, offering a possibility to become Dutch Champion in a shorter time. The number of nationalities proves it. With 22 different countries present it can be called a real International Dog Show. The catalog was very informative and one could find the number of entries split up/ province, the Belgian participants /region and the others/ country. Funny was the expression "overig" what can be translated as "rest or remaining", but that helps us no further. Who are they? Or what do they stand for? In fact it doesn't matter that much. I presume those 125 exhibitors did not mention their nationality.

Goes is the main city of Zeeland, the area bordering the seaside of Belgium. The city is easily accessible via a good motorway and only 30 minutes away from Antwerp, making this show one of the focus shows for many Belgian exhibitors. It is the place where the big and famous Deltaworks took place in order to prevent floods like in 1953 when 1836 people died in the Netherlands . The Zeeland halls are very nice and there was plenty of room for really spacious rings. Outside was enough parking space and even restaurants and fast food places around. The main ring was nicely bordered with wooden fences and covered with carpet tiles. The audience could sit in real comfortable chairs on the stairs. The podium itself could have a little more attention as the sponsor panels were hanging loose. But for the rest it was surprising how much attention was paid to the sponsor and to the other trade stand holders.

I was the first time that I met a Chef for dogs, a dog caterer, Remco Hegi. He made several appetizers and gave them away for free. The dogs, of course, were immediately fond of him. All the sweets (as dogs would see it) are made of dog-friendly ingredients. He told me he has several huge frigs to store them. No problem to prepare several hundred burgers and cakes and he has already had several clients. He made a cake for each Best in Show. The ingredients he uses are 100% safe for the dogs and he knows well what they like. It is mainly slaughter waste, kidneys, tripe, liver and turns it into patés, burgers, snacks etc. He prepares colorful plates and uses his fantasy. If you don't know that it is meant for dogs, one would easily be able to place it amongst dishes for men. And, maybe we would not even taste a difference if we would put some salt, sauce and spices on it. It is for sure that he has certainly discovered a gap in the market. Remco is a real Media star in the meantime. Just google him on www.hondentraiteurscheveningen.nl to see his plates, videos and contact info.

25 Judges were invited to help bring these shows to a good end. 13 were Dutch judges and in total they represented 10 different nationalities. The average dogs/judging day rate was not extreme, but good enough with a score of 53. Only 6 of them were judging one day only. On Saturday 3 judges stand out. Mrs.R. Kadike-Skadina from Latvia had 79 dogs in her ring and on Sunday she was pretty busy too with 70 dogs. From Finland came Mrs.M. Pylvänäinen to judge 81 dogs on Saturday and 79 on Sunday. With a total of 160 dogs for the weekend, she was the second most successful judge of the weekend. It was Mr.A.Marshak from Israel who won this title. On Saturday he had 82 dogs including a good number of 16 Bullmastiffs. On Sunday he had 81 dogs to judge which brings him to a total of 163 dogs for the weekend.

All BOB winners had to stay for the finals, if not, the title is not officially endorsed and that is a very good thing. At least we have a full ring for the finals, and that is only but fair towards the audience that has paid to see dogs. The speaker in the main ring did a very good job and in general there was a very cozy atmosphere. On Saturday Mr.Tast from Finland was asked to pick out the winning dog. His 3rd place went to the Weimaraner "Kic N Katch Fala" owned by INNA Lyubar from Russia. The same dog won the same place on Sunday under BIS judge Mrs.M.Bailey from Ireland. ResBIS on Saturday was for the Italian Greyhound "Redcomet Rock and Roll" owned by Sahuleka and v.d.Graaf. On Sunday it was the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen "Frosty Snowman", owned by Huikenshoven and Reid. The Best in Show on Saturday went to the Bloodhound or Chien de St.Hubert as the breed is called here "Napoleon of Lufon Royal Pride"owned by de Vadder and Van Buggenhout, a dog coming from Belgium. On Sunday the title went to the Basenji "Doberguard's Black Strong Mocca" owned by A. Heering and that dog came from Denmark.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

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