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'Luxembourg Spring 2018'
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nouvelles - 07/04/2018
Luxembourg Spring 2018  -  Belgique

chien éleveurs chiens photos par Karl Donvil
LUXEMBOURG Spring 2018 There was a serious drop down in numbers of entries. Last year the spring edition had 4551 entries, this year it dropped to 4038. The Autumn edition counted 3647 entries. But still, this show is a success and we all know that in general, everywhere, the numbers of entries are dropping. No reason to panic. Luxembourg will always remain popular as it is relatively easy to become Champion of Luxembourg, notwithstanding the fact that there is strong competition. Winning here is always worth the title because there are lots of good dogs to beat, lots of good entries from many different countries and that means something! The new trend is double shows, but too often they are granted to relatively small shows and there is lack in competition in many breeds, many with only two dogs or even one. Who is there to beat then? What is such a win worth? Just pay and go, no need to show, as you get your ticket anyway. I am convinced that this trend is a serious treat for the future of the dog show scene. There will be no more prestige associated to the title of Champion. That is why we need big shows like the ones in Luxembourg. I am also convinced that this is one of the reasons why there is a serious drop down in the numbers of entries. If a dog needs a certain number of CACIB's to become champion of a country he can enter a few double shows and in very short time he has what he needs and with only little or no concurrence. Before it was a long process as you had to enter your dogs on many shows in order to become the same amount of titles and with stronger competition. The FCI and the national organizations now demand also that shows in a certain area can only take place if there is at least 3 weeks in between. What about a double show then? All this affects the show scene in general and reduces the number of entries. It will mean the end of many smaller shows that will have serious difficulties to cover the expenses. And there should be international rules that a CACIB can only be granted if there are a minimum of dogs entered. Now it is not normal that a dog that is entered as the only specimen, becomes his title just like that, while in popular breeds there is also just one CACIB to win, while there are 30, 50 or 100 dogs entered.

Last year this show faced bad publicity due to a few dogs that were trapped in close cars on the parking. But I know that this show is doing many efforts to prevent this. This year they had even more people checking cars and again some dogs were found in cars. Urgent messaged were send via the intercom and windows had to be smashed. In every hall, on every exit, on every eye-catching spot posters were hung, warning against the danger of leaving dogs unattended in cars, even in the shade with windows open, but still, there are always people who are convinced that it is enough. Saturday night I saw the news on television in my hotel about the problem. They have given a lot of attention to this problem with an extended interview with the organizers and footage about the teams of security, vets and fire man, inspecting all the cars on the parking area. I can personally assure that the team of Luxembourg is doing much more of prevention than many other shows all together. They don't deserve the bad reputation that some aggressive animal right organizations try to give them as a weapon in their fight against dog shows in general. Anyway, there are plans to ban handlers and exhibitors from shows for the future. In Luxembourg they will no longer be welcome anymore. The FCI should make up a list of such handlers and exhibitors if proven that they neglected their dogs.

The show of this year is a very special one. Mrs. and Mr. Schwab, presidents of the show and of the Luxembourg Kennel club, decided to retire and this show would be their last show. How long exactly that they were at the helm of this show and this organization is not know, but it must certainly be more than 30 years. It is amazing how they turned their semestrial show to a level that many other clubs can only dream of. Belgium , never had a show with more than 5000 entries. Luxembourg had 5529 in 2009! For all the FCI judges it is one of the greatest honors to be invited to judge and enjoy the splendid hospitality and stay in the Hotel Royal, the most prestigious hotel in town. The prestige and glamour that this show enjoys is without any doubt due to this couple. I am almost sure that they will still come and help and advice the new board where they can.

Everything on this show runs so smoothly that one can call it "little Crufts". There is a big screen where one can follow the show via 4 different cameras, it is also video streamed over the internet, the carpet in the main ring is perfect, the podium and trophy table impressive, the music and commentary of a professional level, only...it lasts much too long. The program is overloaded and nothing changes. Minor puppies, puppies, veterans and juniors are judged in the main ring by sexe and from the winner of both the best one is chosen. The show ends largely over 7.00 PM and that is too long for the audience. Maybe the new board will reconsider this for the future so that this show will end at a reasonable time, before 6.00 PM, like most shows do.

Barbara Müller from Switzerland was the lucky lady responsible for choosing Best In Show. Her 3rd place went to the Bearded Collie "Alistair's Temptation" owned by Kersten Gleske-Nitsche from Germany. Mrs. Müller was the judge for this breed. 29 were entered, Alistair in Champion Class bitches. Alistair is a Swedish bred dog and just 5 years old now. Once BOB she could show herself to judge Mr. John Walsh from Ireland. As her must have found it a good choice he send her to go for BOB but she had to let 2 other go before her. One was the Poodle medium size "Yamit Muskat Korea Min Su", a two year old Russian bred female still living with breeder Polina Kurbatskaya. She had to beat 21 in her breed and color class. Judge was Mr.Johan Wulteputte from Belgium. Her Group judge was Mr.Harry Vella from Malta who was convinced enough of her qualities to choose her to compete for Best In Show. But also she had to let another dog go first. The Scottish Terrier was the ultimate winner of this edition of the Luxembourg show. Mrs.Valentina Popova from Russia was allowed to take the beautiful BIS trophies home. She is famous for her Scottish and won ResBIS at Crufts in 2010 and many other big shows. This time it was with "Filisite Brash Beauty Never Lies". This female is not 3 years old yet and bred by Valentina herself. A nice entry of 36 showed up for Mr.Paul Stanton from Sweden who was also the Group judge. It is also one of the favorite breeds of Mrs.Schwab who is a Terrier specialist judge. A nice tribute to her and her husband.

Next edition is planned for 1 and 2 september of this year. It will be the first time that the show will be organized under the authority of Mr.Raymond Jung who follows in the foodsteps of the Schwabs and that is not a comfortable start knowing that the Schwabs brought this show to one of the highest standards in Europe. But I am convinced that they will give him a lot of support behind the scenes and let him rely on their lifelong experience.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

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