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'WIEZE 2018'
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news - 19/05/2018
WIEZE 2018  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
Wieze 2018 Notwithstanding rumors that it would be the last edition of this show, nothing was the case. As often troubles can arise within an organization and as often rumors go around and start a their own life. That was what happened in this committee too. Without going into details, the new committee took over with great enthusiasm but with still lacking some experience to prevent some last minute solutions. Anyway, there was a new layout of the rings and main ring. As the halls are nice, but far from the biggest one in the country, it is necessary to use your skills to profit as much as possible of the space available in order to provide enough comfort for the handlers, dogs, judges and visitors. While last year the big, nice main ring was unused during the day, not even for demonstrations or entertainment, it was now divided into 4 rings. Along with a better spread of all the rings in both halls it was much more comfortable, easy walking and talking and gathering around the 3 indoor cafés, food-stands and commercial boots. It was more "breathable" as usual. Compared to 10 years ago the halls are modernized and up tuned into bright and attractive halls. But still they are very expensive as I was told while there are comparable and cheaper options in the area that would save a lot on the tight budget and risks of organizing a big dog show. Wieze is very known in Belgium for its beer festival in October, but it is a small village hidden in the backyard of Aalst and not easily accessible from the main roads and highways. There will never be a lot of visitors for the show for that reason.

But for dog-show-people, Wieze is on the agenda of many dog fanciers and 1259 were showed this year, over hundred more than other years. Compared to other shows, a remarkable result! For a CAC show it is a good result too as usually they have less international attention. But that must be contradicted in this case as no less than 14 different countries were present. The majority of course were dogs from Belgium, 865, while France had 142, the Netherlands, 166 and Germany 45. There were also 20 dogs from the United Kingdom and 5 from Ireland entered. And there was also a chance to see a few rare breeds in life like there was a Tatra dog, a Cao Fila de Sao Miguel and a Rafeiro Do Alentejo. The main ring program ran smoothly and the show could end each day at a very reasonable hour and that makes that there is public around the ring until the very end and applause for the final lining up and BIS winner.

Only 11 judges were invited to bring this show to a good end. Only one judge was officiating one day only and that brings us to a very good score of 60dogs/judging day which means not only a very economical choice of judges but a choice that guaranteed a successful number of entries. And for a national title the committee invited only 4 Belgian judges. The rest consisted of 2 Dutch judges, two from Slovenia, one from Germany, one from Italy and one from Macedonia. Saturday had far more entries than Sunday. The best scoring judge had 88 dogs, the least scoring still had 58. On Sunday there were only two judges with over 75 entries. The best scoring breeds were the 35 Chihuahua's on Saturday and the 30 English Bulldogs on Sunday. Best In Show judge was Mr.Stefan Sinko from Slovenia. His 3rd BIS went to the Medium sized Poodle black "Curlfinch Jakira", entered in Champion Class for Mr.Nodalli from Italy. The group was judged by Mrs.Liljana Stojkovic from Macedonia. This female dog is 3 years old and bred and owned by Corrie Kroes-Vink from the Netherlands. ResBIS went to the Afgan Hound "El Roalito Easygoing" who came all the way from Germany with his master Cornelia Schellenberger. He is 3 years old and entered in Champion Class aswell. Judge was Mrs.Degryze from Belgium. He had to beat 16 others before he could compete for Group winner under judge Mrs. Marie-Christine Amand from Belgium. Best in Show went to the Kleinspitz Orange "Dan-Star-Kom Griffon Boy". The breed was judged by Mr.Van Den Bosch from Belgium and as it is avery popular breed nowadays there were a lot in competition, 22 to be exact. Griffon Boy is Russian bred and 4 years old. He lives with Vanvaerenbergh-Van Den Brant Julie from Belgium. The group was judged by Mr.Nodalli from Italy.

We can be confident that the show of Wieze will continue and that we can find "Griffon Boy's" photo in the catalog then. If it will still be in Wieze?...probably it will. But keep an eye on the show schedule of next year to find out. I'll be there anyway. See you there!

Text and photo's Karl DONVIL

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